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Our dear friends,

as our tenancy wrapped up in Havelock 2, we would like to share that we are looking for a new place to operate from that may offer you comfy seating, a wider menu and a whole lot of heart.

Updates will be provided here on our website, as well as on IG and Facebook.

We look forward to serving you again soon.


We appreciate what every diner values in a dish:

Authentic ingredients, a well-balanced taste and a dedication to it.

We hold this in high regard and work at it heartily and with genuineness.

Scallop don.jpg


Our focus is on the quality of our dishes.

This process begins with purchasing. We source ingredients that are authentic and fresh. We find pleasure in understanding and appreciating its sources of origin, and we respect and value our trusted suppliers.

We study every ingredient's individualism and unique character and work to bring out its optimal value - mostly by just allowing them to present themselves as they are due to their splendid quality by nature.

In the pursuit of a balanced taste and optimal texture, we carefully pair these ingredients together, being faithful in little and in many.

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